Friday, November 17, 2017

Pedagogy Questions - TET - 01

1. The stage in which a child begins to think logically about objects and event is known as
·         Sensori Motor Stage
·         Formal Operational Stage
·         Pre-Operational Stage
·         Concentrate operational Stage
2. Four distinct stages of children’s intellectual development were identified by
·         Kohlberg
·         Erikson
·         Skinne
·         Plaget
3. Parents should play a ……………role in the learning process of young children .
·         negative
·         proactive
·         sympathetic
·         netural
4. Which is the place where the child’s cognitive development is defined in the best way ?
·         Playground
·         School and classroom
·         Auditorium
·         Home
5. ………………… considered a sign of motivated teaching .
·         Maximum attendance in class
·         Remedial work given by the teacher
·         Questioning by students
·         Pin drop silence in the class
6. At lower class, play-way method of teaching is based on
·         theory of physical education programmes
·         principles of methods of teaching
·         psychological principles of development and growth
·         sociological principles of teaching
7. Dyslexia is associated with
·         mental disorder
·         mathematical disorder
·         reading disorder
·         behavioral disorder
8. Education of children with special needs should be provided
·         along with other normal children
·         by methods developed of special children in special schools
·         in special schools
·         by special teachers in special schools .
9. In the process of learning. motivation
·         sharpens the memory of learners
·         differentiates new learning from old learning
·         makes learners think unidirectionally
·         creates interest for learning among new learners
10. A student of grade 5 with visual deficiency should be
·         excused to do a lower level of work
·         helped with his/her routine work by parents and friends
·         treated normally in the classroom and provided support through audio CDs
·         given special treatment in classroom
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