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cpmt sample paper physics

1. When light wave suffers reflection at the interference from air to
glass, the change in phase of the reflected wave is equal to
(a) 0 (b) π/4 (c) 2π (d) π

2. Time of flight of a projectile projected up with a velocity of
10m/s at an angle 300 with the horizontal is (g=10 m/s2)
(a) 1/2 s (b) 1 s (c) 2 s (d) 3s

3. A 200W and 100W bulbs both meant for operation at 220V are
connected in parallel. Then the power consumed by them when
220V is applied will be
(a) 66W (b) 33W (c) 100W (d) 300W

4. A body is having uniform circular motion. A quantity that which
does not remain constant is
(a) angular velocity (b) velocity (c) speed (d) kinetic energy

5. The unit of pressure in SI is
(a) Pascal (b) Pounds per square inch
(c) Newton per cm2 (d) Watt

6. A ball is projected from the top of a tower at an angle 600 with
the horizontal. What happens to the horizontal component of its
(a) increases continuously (b) decreases continuously
(c) remains unchanged (d) first decreases and then increases

7. The galaxy to which our solar system belongs is called
(a) milky way (b) radio galaxy (c) solar galaxy (d) dwarf galaxy

8. A bomb of mass 9kg at rest explodes into two pieces of masses
3kg and 6kg. The velocity of mass 3kg is 16m/s. The KE of mass
6kg in joule is
(a) 96 (b) 192 (c) 384 (d) 768

9. The transfer ratio β of a transistor is 50. The input resistance of
the transistor when used in the common emitter configuration is
1KΩ. The peak value of the collector ac current for an input
voltage 0.01V peak is
(a) 100 μA (b) 0.01mA (c) 500 μA (d) 50 μA

10. If momentum of a body becomes 3 times, kinetic energy
(a) 3 times (b) 6 times (c) 9 times (d) 27 times

11. The unit of impulse in SI is
(a) Newton-second (b) Dyne (c) Pound force (d) Watt

12. If g is the acceleration due to gravity on the earth, the
acceleration due to gravity on the sun is
(a) 24 g (b) 16 g (c) 32 g (d) 28 g

13. A cyclist is moving in a circular path with a uniform speed of
200 cm/s. The change in velocity after half revolution is
(a) zero (b) 200 cm/s (c) 4 m/s (d) 300 cm/s

14. In a junction diode holes are due to
(a) proton (b) neutrons
(c) missing electrons (d) extra electrons

15. Light of wave length 4000Å is incident on a metal plate whose
work function is 2eV. The maximum kinetic energy of the
emitted photo electrons would be
(a) 2eV (b) 1.5eV (c) 1.1eV (d) 0.5eV

16. A particle initially at rest is having uniformly accelerated
motion. Its velocity is plotted against displacement. The graph
obtained will be
(a) a straight line (b) a straight line with a negative slope
(c) a parabola (d) an ellipse

17. 540g of ice at 00C is mixed with with 540g of water at 800C.
The final temperature of the mixture is
(a) 00C (b) 400C (c) 800C (d) more than 800C

18. The diameters of two planets are in the ratio of 4:1 and their
mean densities in the ratio of 1:2. The acceleration due to
gravity on the surface of two planets will be in the ratio
(a) 4:1 (b) 1:8 (c) 1:2 (d) 2:1

19. The unit of acceleration in SI is
(a) km/hr (b) m/s2 (c) cm/s (d) mph

20. A frame which is moving with constant angular velocity is
(a) Inertial frame (b) Non inertial frame
(c) Frame of rest (d) Newtonian frame

21. A body starts from rest and covers a distance of 10m in first
second. The distance covered by it in 4 seconds will be
(a) 80m (b) 100m (c) 160m (d) 200m

22. If height of a man is 2m then minimum height of a plane mirror
in which he can have his full the image is
(a) 1/4m (b) 1/2m (c) 1m (d) 3/4m

23. An ideal heat engine exhausting heat at 270C is to have 25%
efficiency. It must take heat at
(a) 1270C (b) 2270C (c) 3270C (d) 6730C

24. A Plano-convex lens is made of refractive index 1.6. The radius
curvature of curved surface is 60cm. The focal length of the
lens is
(a) 5 cm (b) 100 cm (c) 200 cm (d) 500 cm

25. In the stable equilibrium position, body has
(a) minimum kinetic energy (b) minimum potential energy
(c) neither maximum nor minimum (d) maximum potential energy

26. Rainbow is formed due to
(a) scattering and total internal reflection
(b) scattering and diffraction
(c) dispersion and total internal reflection
(d) dispersion and reflection

27. Beats are produced by two waves y1 = a sin 2000πt and
y2 = a sin2008 πt. The number of beats heard per second is
(a) 0 (b) 4 (c) 8 (d) 8π

28. When there is no external force, the shape of a small liquid
drop is determined by
(a) surface tension of the liquid (b) density of the liquid
(c) viscosity of air (d) temperature if air

29. Two waves of wavelength 50cm and 51 cm produces 12 beats
per second. The velocity of wave is
(a) 306 m/s (b) 331 m/s (c) 340 m/s (d) 375 m/s

30. For a body which is moving along with lift with uniform velocity
(a) It's weight decreases
(b) It's weight increases
(c) It's weight remains the same
(d) may decrease or increase depending on magnitude of

31. The emf of a Daniel cell is
(a) 0.56 V (b) 1.08V (c) 2.56 V (d) 3.12 V

32. 24 cells each of internal resistance 0.5Ω are to be used to
send a maximum current through an external resistance of 3Ω.
The cell should be arranged as
(a) all in parallel (b) all in series
(c) 2 rows of 12 cells each (d) rows of 6 cells each

33. A body falling vertically downward under gravity breaks into
two parts of unequal masses. The centre of mass of the two
parts taken together shifts horizontally towards
(a) heavier piece
(b) lighter piece
(c) does not shift horizontally
(d) depends on the vertical velocity at the time of breaking

34. The energy of a wound spring is
(a) chemical (b) potential (c) kinetic (d) heat

35. After one α emission two β emissions
(a) mass number reduces by 2
(b) atomic number remains unchanged
(c) mass number reduces by 6
(d) (b) & (c) are correct

36. The earth magnetic field always has a vertical component
except at the
(a) magnetic equator (b) magnetic poles
(c) geographical north pole (d) geographical south pole

37. It has been postulated that there may be some particles
moving with speed greater than speed of light. Such particles
have been named as
(a) Mesons (b) Pions (c) Tachyons (d) Photons

38. One kg of water is evaporated from 6kg of sea water
containing 4% salt. The percentage of alt in the remaining
solution will be
(a) 1% (b) 3.33% (c) 4% (d) 4.8%

39. The velocity of rain drop attains a steady value because of
(a) viscous force exerted by air (b) surface tension effects
(c) air currents in the atmosphere (d) up thrust of air

40. Of the following the self adjusting force is
(a) Sliding friction (b) Static friction
(c) Dynamic friction (d) Limiting friction

41. Mirages are observed in deserts due to the phenomenon of
(a) interference of light (b) total reflection of light
(c) scattering of light (d) double refraction of light

42. The phenomenon of Brownian movement may be taken as
evidence of
(a) kinetic theory of matter (b) corpuscular theory of light
(c) electromagnetic theory of radiation (d) capillarity

43. The number of degrees of freedom of a diatomic gas is
(a) 2 (b) 3 (c) 4 (d) 5

44. For a particular angle of projection 150 the horizontal range
was found to be R. The other angle of projection which gives
the same horizontal range is
(a) 750 (b) 1050 (c) 450 (d) 200

45. Fermi is equal to
(a) 10-15 m (b) 10-14 m (c) 10-17 m (d) 10-12 m

46. The ratio of angular speeds of seconds hand and minutes hand
of a watch is
(a) 60:1 (b) 1:60 (c) 30:1 (d) 1:30

47. A stone of mass of 10 kg is attracted by the earth with a force
(a) 1000 N (b) 98 N (c) 9800 N (d) 980 N

48. Fraunhoffer lines are observed in the spectrum of
(a) hydrogen discharge tube (b) a carbon arc
(c) the sun (d) sodium vapour lamp

49. The percentage change in tension necessary in a sonometer of
fixed length to produce a note one octave higher than before is
(a) 25% (b) 300% (c) 400% (d) 50%

50. A particle is thrown upward with a certain initial speed. It
reaches the maximum height and subsequently returns back to
the initial point. Through out its motion, the kinematical
quantity which remains constant is
(a) displacement (b) speed (c) velocity (d) acceleration


1 D 11 A 21 C 31 B 41 B
2 B 12 D 22 C 32 C 42 A
3 D 13 C 23 A 33 C 43 D
4 B 14 C 24 B 34 B 44 A
5 A 15 C 25 B 35 D 45 A
6 C 16 C 26 C 36 A 46 A
7 A 17 A 27 B 37 C 47 B
8 B 18 D 28 A 38 D 48 C
9 C 19 B 29 A 39 A 49 B
10 C 20 B 30 C 40 A 50 D
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